Advice for the HR Manager

You have a million priorities all pulling you in different directions, and you might consider re-quoting or setting up an employee group benefits plan as adding to your nightmare.  Let us show you how we can help, and keep the process pain-free.

Quoting & Set Up

Setting up a group benefits plan or having one quoted is generally, reasonably straightforward.  We will need:

  • Employee census data – employee id, start date, salary, age, sex, single/couple/famliy
  • 3 years of claims data – generally readily available from your existing provider (new groups need not provide this information)
  • 3 years of premiums paid – generally readily available from your existing provider


Our service doesn’t stop after the sale.   We will partner with you to help roll out the new plan, and will also review the plan one on one with your employees.   This is a great value add service as it helps your team understand their benefits and the value it brings, as well, help identify where they may need additional coverage.  We also review general advice on wellness using our iPOSES information.

Ongoing Administration

Our plans have easy-to-use online administration.  You simply need to update any new hires, terminations and salary increases using an online tool.  If you ever run into issues, we’re here to help.

Help in Dealing with HR Issues

Employee assistance plans are great, but what about when you have those difficult employee situations and you need advice?  Plans are available with assistance and legal advice for HR managers.  This service can help avoid costly legal bills and litigation.  This service ensures that both you and your staff have help as close as a phone call away.

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