Advice for The Business Owner

Starting and running a business is a tough venture.  You’ve invested a lot of yourself to get the company up and running, and to a point of generating positive cash flow. As you do, you want to give up as little as you can to the tax man. We can help.

As your company grows, it has different needs. Early on, you have little extra, and profits are being re-invested. If a fully insured benefits plan is out of reach, consider critical aspects such as disability coverage alone.

Let us show you how to pay for your regular medical expenses, as a deductible business expense, without being a taxable benefit to you!  Read more about Health & Welfare Trusts.

Eventually, you’ll be hiring staff and able to offer an employee group benefits package.  We can help that package start small, and grow as your business grows, while maintaining extra perks for management.

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